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The Best Way To Remove
Female Facial Hair Effectively

Here's How To Remove Facial Hair On Women

Facial hair on a woman is the big turn off for most men! Hey I don't make the rules. But it just seems a woman is seen to be neither neat nor clean when she is sporting hair on her face no matter how wispy is it. Which is why it is best to get rid of these unwanted growths as soon as they become visible!

The usual areas of the face that will need treatment are the chin or upper lip for women. Men can shave their beards but that's not advisable for the female of the species. Who often have finer facial hair and need more care when removed.

There are numerous ways to get rid of embarrassing facial hair. Cost will vary too. Some long practiced techniques are the plucking and tweezing. These have been done since the dawn of good personal hygiene for women. Not long after, waxing and threading joined the club. The latest method, which is quickly catching up with electrolysis is laser hair removal treatment.

Plucking and tweezing can be extremely painful but they are cheap. You may do these as often as twice a week. A reliable pair of tweezers and magnifying mirror is all you need plus a decent tolerance for pain. Even if you have been plucking for years, you may still feel pain when a new hair that has yanked out.

Waxing is a little less painful than tweezing but a lot more compared to lasers. This usually involves a few steps. One of them is pouring warm wax over the area with unwanted hair and then ripping it off with cloth or muslin. However, lately a new no heat wax has been used like Epil-ease or One Touch.

Threading is done by a skilled salon stylist. Not everybody can quickly master this technique and you may end up plowing over your eyebrows. It is also painful but you may get used to the sensation over time.

PRO TIP: Sometime the process leaves your skin red or puffy. Try applying aloe vera gel or an icy compress to soothe and calm down any irritation.

Depilatories or hair removal creams are another option here. They painlessly dissolve the hair away so that you can just wipe it off.

Laser hair treatment, so far, has proven to be the best way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair be it facial or anywhere else in the body. Now the laser hair removal process, while not pain free is the closest one to a permanent solution for this problem. You would need at least 3 sessions to completely remove hair.

Any one of the above mentioned choices are may or may not be the best way to remove facial hair for you. Because what works for Jane may not be effective for Susan. But if you've got an ever increasing inventory you need to find one that works for you. Because it's likely you probably don't want whatever hair is growing on your face.

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